Sr. June Tarr, Prov. President, 2016-17

President's Message:

It is with a humble heart that I accept the responsibility of the office of the President of the Provincial Association. To be sure it is an honour to be the first woman in Saskatchewan to take this position, but to me it is an opportunity to help all Elks lodges face the challenges of our future. My theme for the year is "Helping & Serving Others Is What Life Is All About." I firmly believe this statement to be true and that it completely defines the work of all Elks in communities across this beautiful province!

One of the initiatives which I feel deeply about is the continued endeavor to achieve comprehensive, universal newborn hearing screening in our province. Deafness and hearing loss of any degree affects the entire life of an individual forever. If we could identify these defects in the early weeks of life perhaps we could reduce the trauma caused by having no speech, never hearing their parents' voices, the inability to relate to others and numerous other behavior and self-worth difficulties. In lodges across the province we need to continue to support the Saskatchewan Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Centre ( SPARC) through participating in and supporting fundraising events such as Walkathons. Secondly, a program we can all be extremely proud of are the low-cost Senior Homes we manage, scattered throughout "small town" Saskatchewan. Some lodges are unaware of this great service we provide for our older adults, a program which allows them to remain in their home towns. We are indeed "Men and Women Serving Communities."

Combining the Elks Royal Purple and the Elks will strengthen the order significantly. Working together not only increases membership but also brings new ideas, talents, skills and energy to our lodges, and benefits the communities we serve. I suspect many Elk members first became interested in our charitable group because someone looked them in the eye and asked "will you come and see what we are all about?" Each of us has opportunities every day to impact the lives of others. Let's share the value and fun of Elkdom with everyone! The words of our meaningful rituals provide a depth and a richness that sets us apart from many other service clubs and groups - others should hear them too!

If you are reading this and you are not yet an Elk member, please seek us out and consider becoming involved in the Elks lodge closest to you. We would love to see you!

Sister June Tarr,

Provincial President

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The Saskatchewan Elks Association was granted a Charter in 1929 by our Grand Lodge, the Elks of Canada. Dedicated members kept the Association going through the Great Depression, a difficult task. In 1929 there were 32 Lodges in the province; now there are 72. The Association supports and guides individual Lodges through our Provincial Office in Saskatoon, District Representative visits, and Official Visits of the Provincial President. The Annual Conference, Sports Tournaments and the Walkathon are held in various locations around the province; all Lodges can bid to host these events.

The Saskatchewan Elks Foundation Corporation is a registered charity established in 1991. Linking Saskatchewan Elks and Royal Purple Elks Lodges across the province, the Foundation promotes and supports the needs of the individual and the community at large through a variety of programs and services. For further information phone 306-665-1333.

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