Br. Chris Svab,

Prov. President, 2019-2020

President's Message: 

Greetings to all Elks and Royal Purple Elks. The time seems to have passed by very quickly since I was elected to the Provincial Association Executive, but here we are and I am ready to meet the challenges of the upcoming year.

Firstly I would like to thank my home Lodge, Moose Jaw #7, for hosting the 2019 Provincial Conference, well done, and a good time was had by all that attended, good job!


Immediate Past President Eugene Hartter, I congratulate you on an exceptional year, you went above and beyond in your leadership and dedication, hope I can do as well.


I would also like to congratulate the members of my executive on being elected to their respective chairs. I look forward to our year ahead and I am confident that we will work well and be productive as a team. It is also worth noting that there are two new ladies in the group, for a total of three, welcome aboard!


Moving ahead, we listened to the members around the Province who said they are tired of the constant ticket selling that we have done to support our main goals, the Fund for Children, SPARC and also our own Foundation's charity for those nineteen years and older. To this end we passed a resolution at Conference, that in 2020 we will be running a $50 a ticket lottery to replace the Charity Appeal, 50/50 and Walkathon tickets that we have been selling, and that I might say have been going downhill at an alarming rate. To this end I am seeking your support in promoting the new lottery which will be sold by major advertising, radio-thons and word of mouth. In order to be successful we will all have to get behind this initiative to ensure its success as we are running out of alternatives. Watch for details as they are rolled out.


My motto for the year is very simple, "Respect". We seem to have become a little jaded with the events of the world and forget the basics that we were taught as children. Nothing can turn members off, both new and old, than disrespect for their ideas and suggestions. We all have different personalities and that is a good thing. To this end I would encourage any new idea that is presented to be thoroughly discussed as we need all the new ideas we can get!


I am looking forward to my travels around the Province this year to meet members I haven't met and renew friendships with those I have. If any lodges have anniversaries, special events or anything out of the ordinary please let me know and I will try my best to attend.


Chris Svab

Saskatchewan Elks Provincial President

President's Schedule


Our next Big Event is the Walkathon in Regina October 18-20. RAFFLE TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE from your local Lodge. For more information click here.

The Shaunavon Elks cancelled the Golf Tournament scheduled for June 21-23. It was too wet and there was lots more rain on the way. The Lodge is putting in a bid to host the Tournament next year!

Annual Provincial Conference was in Moose Jaw June 9-12, Sunday to Wednesday. Information


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Darts was in Esterhazy March 8-10

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The Saskatchewan Elks Association was granted a Charter in 1929 by our Grand Lodge, the Elks of Canada. Dedicated members kept the Association going through the Great Depression, a difficult task. In 1929 there were 32 Lodges in the province; now there are 57. The Association supports and guides individual Lodges through our Provincial Office in Saskatoon, District Representative visits, and Official Visits of the Provincial President. The Annual Conference, Sports Tournaments and the Walkathon are held in various locations around the province; all Lodges can bid to host these events.

The Saskatchewan Elks Foundation Corporation is a registered charity established in 1991. Linking Saskatchewan Elks and Royal Purple Elks Lodges across the province, the Foundation promotes and supports the needs of the individual and the community at large through a variety of programs and services. For further information phone 306-665-1333.

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