Br. Barry Off, Prov. President, 2015-16

President's Message:

Hi to everyone:

          I am very proud to be entrusted with this position as Provincial President of Saskatchewan for the next year. I am looking forward to visiting all the Lodges I can and go to the Sporting Events for the year. I look forward to meeting the members of these Lodges and seeing what a difference they have made in their communities. My theme is "moving forward and with purpose." I believe we can get our name out there for everyone to see and know about our accomplishments. We have a couple of members in the Provincial Association advertising on the radio and TV trying to promote our sports, fundraisers and charities. We also have to advertise in our communities and people will see what we are accomplishing and will come to join our organization.

          Our National mission statement is "A Canadian Volunteer Organization of Men and Women Serving Communities." We want to get this message to all the people in our province so they will know what we are committed to and where we are headed. I know that every one of our membership is strong in service and dedicated to our cause. So now we have to make it known to the public in our communities and province so that people can come to us and ask questions about becoming an Elk. I am proud of our organization and all it stands for, so let's move forward with purpose so that everyone else will know what we stand for.

Brother Barry Off, Esterhazy

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The Saskatchewan Elks Association was granted a Charter in 1929 by our Grand Lodge, the Elks of Canada. Dedicated members kept the Association going through the Great Depression, a difficult task. In 1929 there were 32 Lodges in the province; now there are 72. The Association supports and guides individual Lodges through our Provincial Offices in Saskatoon, District Representative visits, and Official Visits of the Provincial President. The Annual Conference, Sports Tournaments and the Walkathon are held in various locations around the province; all Lodges can bid to host these events.

The Saskatchewan Elks Foundation Corporation is a registered charity established in 1991. Linking Saskatchewan Elks and Royal Purple Elks Lodges across the province, the Foundation promotes and supports the needs of the individual and the community at large through a variety of programs and services. For further information phone 306-665-1333.

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